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Day 21 - Hurricane Ophelia Live Updates

8:00am Hurricane Ophelia, the most powerful storm east of the US on record, will be upon us today. It will be a good test of how the house fares in bad weather. Last night, I went to replace the car's headlight that had blown a few days ago. It might be useful to have working lights when driving through a hurricane. You'd think that car manufacturers would have worked out how to make such a basic manipulation easy by now. They haven't. It took me a good hour to take the old bulb out and put the new one in. I was ready to cry

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Day 20 - bracing for Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia, predicted to be the worst storm to hit Ireland in more than 50 years, will be with us tomorrow Monday. What a great time to have just bought a nearly derelict period property! Michelle is anxious that the house will fall down. I’m excited to see how it will fare in high winds and how the water will flow in heavy rain. That’s exactly what we needed to be prepared for Dynorod’s visit on Wednesday to clean and inspect our gutters and drainpipes. It should also be a great help to work out which roof leaks have been fixed and which

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Day 18 - Our first hands-on help

Today Mariusz (the architecture graduate we met earlier in the week) and his assistant Darius started work to draw plans of the house. Having good plans will be very useful to start planning our future remodeling. We're not thinking of making a lot of structural changes. But we'll definitely need to find a way to have a larger bathroom than the tiny one we're got at the moment... ...and somewhere to put a second toilet that's not outside. We'd also love to have a large kitchen-living space downstairs opening up into the garden. We also need to ensure that the ground foor is accessible to my

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Day 15 - The date that wasn't meant to be

We both took the day off work today. It's been 15 days since we got the keys and we haven't stopped for a minute. That's on top of our full-time day jobs and looking after the two small ones. Today was meant to be about slowing down and finally taking some time to celebrate having our own home. We had it all planned out. It was going to start with a coffee at one of those terribly hipster coffee places on the quays after dropping the boys at school and nursery. Photo by Karl Fredrickson / Unsplash We'd then go and sign the last closing documents with

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