Day 7 - we rested

Day 7 - we rested

After a day's work, we headed over to the house with some home-cooked food and at it in the front reception room, watching the light fail. This room gets lovely light on an Autumn evening. We had agreed not to do much and this time stuck to the plan.

We know the outside drain is blocked as rain water and waste water from the sinks and bath pools outside. So we've booked Dynorod to come unblock the outside drains and do a CCTV survey. Mehdi moved rubbish for the skip out of the side return so Dynorod can get access. Now we're holding our breath until we get a verdict on the condition of the underground pipes.

Out of curiousity I had Mehdi stand outside to see if bad things happens when we flush the upstairs toilet.Mehdi didn’t notice anything. This is not to say bad things aren’t happening.

Rónán and Mehdi explored the attic. Rónán reported leaks, rots and worms. We may need a second opinion.


While they were upstairs, I strung up a set of glass fairy lights my sister-in-law bought me one Christmas. I think I've hung them in three of our rental homes now (this house will be the sixth place our six year old has lived in). It's nice to see them in our 'forever' home. With no other light in the room, it makes the fireplace instagrammable. Or as my mother would say, a blind man on a galloping horse would never notice the cracks...