Edwardian restoration Dublin

Living in and restoring our late Victorian / early Edwardian home

We have new (old) windows

A young-to-us couple bought a house in our street shortly after us. While being much the same, it was almost in original Edwardian condition, with original windows, plasterwork, layout and even a stunning stained glass fitting for the skylight (ours is long gone...) and no central heating. They jumped straight into a renovation and we've traded knowledge a few times as their works have progressed. We're thrilled that they've donated their original windows to us having made a considered decisions to install new windows. This means we now have 11 new-to-us windows in our garden and shed. 11 windows didn't sound like a lot to me,

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We know the wooden-framed, single-glazed windows in our house need to be replaced when possible. We're currently researching our options for new windows - weighing up traditional vs modern, PVC vs wood, cheaper vs horribly expensive. Although the current windows were probably installed in the 1980s they are in reasonably good nick, apart from the attic bedroom. The top pane of glass had been broken at some point. The only way to fix it properly is to erect scaffolding to reach the third storey...which is apparently an expensive undertaking. Which is why the previous owner simply nailed some plastic in place instead. Because the window

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