Day 29 - Don't like pumpkins

All week has been a rush of getting work done for our day jobs (we both love our work - but both roles are full on), and spending early morning and all evening trying to sort the house. It's kind of complicated. We can't really unpack as the house will be a building site for some time (months? years?) to come. And we can't put things where we want just yet because we want to have as much creepy, haunted space with authentic cobwebs for Saturday's Halloween party.

We've got our provisions in - mostly biscuits and crisps and water seeing as we have no appliances, so no way to keep food fresh. But we have a fine collection of pumpkins waiting to be carved.

This is the first Halloween that the horse-obsessed 2 year old has been articulate. This morning he glared at me and said he doesn't like pumpkins. I asked him why? Apparently, it's because they don't neigh, can't run and don't eat. I find the notion of a running, gobbling, neighing horde of pumpkins horrifying. I'm hoping that he's not scarred for life by us decorating his new home with ghosts, skulls and demons and having about 50 people descend upon us for 2 hours...and now that I've said that, I hope WE aren't scarred for life either!