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We have new (old) windows

A young-to-us couple bought a house in our street shortly after us. While being much the same, it was almost in original Edwardian condition, with original windows, plasterwork, layout and even a stunning stained glass fitting for the skylight (ours is long gone...) and no central heating. They jumped straight into a renovation and we've traded knowledge a few times as their works have progressed. We're thrilled that they've donated their original windows to us having made a considered decisions to install new windows. This means we now have 11 new-to-us windows in our garden and shed. 11 windows didn't sound like a lot to me,

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When I stepped out my front door at lunchtime today I was ambushed by a burly, sunshiney window cleaner who was cleaning our next door neighbours' windows. He offered to do our windows (front and back for €25). Mehdi was pleased, shrugged and said yes. Which was a bit annoying, as I wanted to haggle on price. But now that the windows are clean I'm super pleased at just how much brighter the light is inside the house (they really were filthy...). The downside is that I can now see all the dirt on the inside windows. Last time I tried cleaning them, I ran out

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